SciDM is a zero-maintenance object-relational NoSQL Database Engine optimized for large aggregate transactions. On typical bioinformatics tasks like sequence assembly and clustering, SciDM operates thousands of times faster than conventional database engines. It also provides a rich and flexible data model; native mapping to an array of programming languages; and very efficient over-the-network access.

Scientific Data Manager (SciDM) is a DBMS designed for applications that require:

  • Quick operation with heavy datasets over a network
  • Working on standard low-maintenance hardware
  • Accessibility through a light and easy-to-use programming interface
  • Running on multiple platforms with various programming languages

SciDM features:

Unmatched performance

  • retrieving 1,000,000 data objects in 0.9 seconds
  • updating 1,000,000 data objects in 2.1 seconds
  • creating 1,000,000 data objects in 37 seconds
  • deleting 1,000,000 data objects in 21.5 seconds
  • processing 1,000,000 select queries in 5.2 seconds
  • handling 10,000 client sessions simultaneously

Measurements were taken over a network, on standard hardware, with 540Gb of pre-loaded data.


All features are tested in real-world applications that extensively operate with huge volumes of data. These applications include genomic data management, literature databases, document management and bug tracking.

Virtually unlimited storage

The storage capacity is limited by hardware only. A SciDM-managed database of 12.5 Terabytes exists. The storage is theoretically limited to 2^48 objects; each object can contain up to 2 billions of data attributes; each data attribute can contain up to 2^63 bytes.

Rich data management capabilities at unprecedented speed

SciDM uses an object-relational model for data representation and provides methods for storing, retrieving, and deleting data objects for sequential and indexed access and for dynamic data structure discovery. Along with traditional indexing by entire attribute contents, SciDM provides the 'context'-style indices by individual words in stored texts.

Structured framework

Framework for data processing is formalized in terms of a particular application field. This makes SciDM highly suitable for research and prototyping. It also simplifies the development by removing the traditional data translation layer between application and DBMS, and by bringing the structured data directly into the processing modules.


SciDM can be deployed over various platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. It delivers structured data in the constructs natural for the target programming language, creating a user-friendly and light programming model.

Security model with object-level protection

Access rights are controlled individually for every object.

Among other features, SciDM includes:

  • flexible object structure when it allows dynamic addition of new attributes to existing objects;
  • integrated set management when it allows both persistence and server-side operations for arbitrary objects sets;
  • data integrity support through locking and object subordination.

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